Come and take a look behind the scenes

I am a dog lover with a genuine belief that there is no better dog than a trained dog.  It is your obligation to teach your dog how to exist in today's society and cohabit with us humans!  As I come across some great training tips or inspirational motivators to help us along the way, they will be posted here.....

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My whole world changed when I decided it was time to hire a trainer to help me with my pitbull littermates.  But its not that easy picking one!  There are so many theories on training and methods and choices.  I learned that like children, dogs need structure, they need guidance, they follow your lead and advice and they need to learn right from wrong.  That usually comes from a balanced approach in rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad choices.  Here are a few tips I picked up on how to work with your dogs to make them all they can be!

-Leading dogs makes them happier, more secure, less stressed, better behaved, more fun, happier. 

-Correcting bad behavior is the way to change bad behavior. Make bad behavior uncomfortable and good behavior comfortable. 

-Redirecting and offering alternatives doesn't stop bad behavior. It just temporarily gets their mind off of it without teaching them its wrong.

-Sharing consequences for poor choices is not easy, but it is your job and responsibility and you will be much happier in the long run.

-Positive reinforcement is awesome for teaching what you want, but unfortunately not so awesome for teaching what you don't. 

-99% of dog issues come from permissiveness, allowance, softness, doting. 

-People treat dogs like glass. They're hearty, robust creatures. Their minds and bodies are more resilient than we give them credit for.

-E-collars and prong collars, although terribly named, are typically the most effective and easiest tools on the dog. 

-Dogs, like kids, will resist structure, leadership, and guidance. And just like kids, they'll either thrive because of them or suffer in their absence.


-Leading dogs makes them happier, more secure, less stressed, better behaved, more fun, happier. 

Let's make and keep our dogs happy, well trained and safe.  This opens up a world of walks in the park, accompanying you on your errands and vacations.  It is the best way to pay them back for the joy they bring into our lives!!